White Show Milano – September 2015

Twist Bag HPO will be presented at White Trade Show in Milan, the international showcase of contemporary fashion, but also the cultural reference for a generation of stylists, designers and artists in the salon via Tortona 27, 35 and 54 looking for a valuable launch pad.

WHITE offers its buyers a unique brand mix that aims to bring to the salon the best of contemporary international projects. Following his strongly buyer-oriented strategy, WHITE is attended by over 20 thousand of the world most important multi-brand buyers and over 1000 journalists; the salonj is a coveted platform for niche brands and the perfect stage for all the Italian and foreign companies who recognize themselves in its DNA that mixes creativity, research and friendliness and commitment to eco-ethics.

Year after year, WHITE imposed on the international fashion scene and in the metropolitan fabric Milan his collection of ideas and services. A narrative structure that can bring in the foreground careful selection of fashion trends, stir in a full range of products of great impact.

WHITE is the fashion culture as a way of life that embraces art, design, music and is a source of ideas for new forms of communication and web-advantgarde.

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