About Us

The Past

ABL story begins in 1947 when Emilio Bernardi dedicates his life to the sale of bags , gloves , belts and leather items traveling with his entrepreneur passion in the atmospheres of the ancient markets.
Orlando Bernardi joined his father Emilio in the early 60s .
He brought several innovations and ideas, intercepting the changing signs of evolution in the market, having a very clear perception of how the new ABL GROUP identity of should have become.
In 1980, ABL opened its first wholesale of leather goods and marked the beginning of an era of commercial success.
The subsequent involvement of his sons played an important role in the company dynamics and philosophy, carrying on the commitment and the passion this family always brought in their business.



The history of the Bernardi family is a true example of successful ‘ Made in Italy ‘, the result of the enthusiasm and magic in having a dream.

Since 1980 ABL GROUP deals with production and distribution of leather goods and fashion accessories, collaborating with leading industry benchmark.
ABL’s activity starts from the style idea, go through the development of the product and the creation of the collection, involving specifics intervention to reach the always challenging business goals.
The corporate commitment of the ABL is on 3 main areas: production, licensing and proprietary brands. Following this philosophy ABL Group is able to satisfy demanding customers, looking for Made in Italy exclusively and a youngest generation of customers looking for more fresh and up to date fashion items.